Meet The Team

Meet Lisa, the Founder, creative soul and driving force behind Nightingale Weddings & Events. With her unrelenting passion for weddings, family and being in love, Lisa created her legacy by launching Nightingale Weddings & Events, quickly building a reputation as one of the most sought-after New England wedding planners.

She prides herself in crafting a strong, solid connection with each and every couple she works with, bringing an array of thoughtful, personal and carefully considered touches to your wedding day. Her key ingredients to the planning process? Pockets of positivity, magic and laughter, of course!

Meet Lisa
Founder and Head Planner

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Lisa is partial to a handwritten checklist and loves nothing more than dancing to old-school rap and R&B music. She’s also an utter whizz at creating the most beautiful design boards with the dreamiest of details.

When she’s not ticking things off her to-do-list or getting creative for couples, you’ll find Lisa spending time with her husband (who she met at a wedding over 11 years ago) and Pitbull, Ruxin James. 

Overtime, Lisa has built a team with four main planners and each wedding has a minimum of three gals working that day.

Customer service is hugely important to Lisa, and sees herself and the team as ‘hosts’ of your celebration.

Lisa and her husband had not one, but two weddings. We told you she loves weddings! 

Our Associate Planner + Designer, Caity first approached Nightingale Weddings & Events as a new college grad with a degree and little experience. Lisa was instantly drawn to her enthusiasm and advised her to gain some experience and an insight into the wedding industry. And that’s exactly what she did… 

After eight years of working in rentals, catering and coordination, Caity officially became a full-time member of the Nightin-gal team in 2020.

Meet Caity
Associate Planner + Designer

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She channels her strong family connection into her client work and hugely prides herself in doing her best to be an advocate. She’s fun, imaginative and unbelievably organised – long story short; she’ll bring you the day you’ve always wanted in the blink of an eye.

When Caity isn’t planning beautiful home weddings or designing epic tablescapes, you’ll find her coaching lacrosse. She’s incredibly active!

This gal can juggle – balls, scarves, tasks. You name it, she’s juggling it – quite the talent as an event planner!

Caity + Doug (her hubby) adore hosting a game night, sharing sushi and walking their pup, Riley.

Similarly, to many brides, Lauren found Nightingale Weddings & Events through Instagram. With a background in Event Marketing, she knew her calling lay within the world of weddings and planning.

She finds there something quite special about unlocking a couple’s love story, curating a day that reflects a couple so beautifully.

Lauren thrives on the personal connection that she builds with each and every couple she works with, quickly becoming friends and building a long-lasting relationship. 

Meet Lauren
Associate Planner + Designer

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When she’s not dreaming of celebrations and the happiest of moments, Lauren is a real dab hand at creating stunning signage for weddings and events as a calligrapher. We are obsessed with her work! 

Lauren and her husband, John, are keen travelers. They’re always on a mission to find the best pizza in the world! 

As well as exploring the sights of the world, they love nothing more than making their home feel even more homely.

After beginning her Nightingale journey back in 2019, Rachel has quickly established herself within the business and is now the Lead Planner for our Wedding Management couples.

As our Resident Officiant, Rachel also marries many of our couples and creates the most special ceremonies imaginable! 

With a fatalistic approach in life, Rachel believes that everything happens for a reason – a value which is very meaningful to Nightingale Weddings and Events. 

Meet Rachel
Wedding Coordinator

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As our ‘behind the scenes’ Nightin-gal, you’ll find Rachel blogging all about our gorgeous couples – you can immerse yourself in all the wedding inspiration right here.

She uses her love of writing and vast knowledge of romance novels to make being a hopeless romantic her full-time job!

When Rachel isn’t busy managing magical wedding days, you’ll find her snuggling up at home with her wife, Amy.

She is a real homebody at heart, but also adores a good party! 

Rachel is very DIY-savvy and can often be found doing projects around their historical home.