From traveling the world to uncorking a special bottle, you’re no stranger to exploring and experiencing. But when it comes to where you’ll celebrate your union, it has to be home.

Whether it’s a familial affair at a coastal Connecticut winery—or an intimate gathering at the residence that holds your fondest childhood memories—you deserve a wedding that radiates the promise of your future while honoring the importance of your past.

And us? We’re the acclaimed wedding planners who can make that magic happen with incredible care.


Your heart is always here

We’re here to get you to a wedding that’s deeply meaningful and wildly fun (think: discerning design meets a packed dance floor). From guiding you down a planning path that’s full of “I feel so seen!” moments—to ensuring your event is laced with the kind of luxe experiences that delight your guests at every turn—our wedding planning services are all about bringing bliss to both the journey and the destination.


An affair that’s uniquely yours


“You will feel like you are the only wedding Lisa and her team have for that whole year.”

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been obsessed with love and legacy. It’s right there in the Nightingale logo: the bee was inspired by two chairs my grandmother designed that still stand in my home today. There’s just something about the magic of you finding your person—all of the moments that had to occur for it to happen, and all of the generations that led to this love story—that I can’t get enough of.

It’s my awareness of just how rare this occasion is that drives me to do everything in my power to ensure your wedding day is epic. From sourcing those impossible-to-find design elements—to stepping in with sanity-saving seamstress skills—when it comes to your celebration, I simply don’t give up.

Hi—I’m Lisa


Our brand of wedding planning isn’t just about transforming all of your ideas into a cohesive vision your guests will forever rave about (when you work with us, that part’s a given). It’s also about providing the unwavering advocacy and elevated service this occasion not only deserves, but demands.

It’s remaining present throughout your engagement because you can trust in a team of experts who have your back. It’s walking into your wedding, feeling your shoulders soften, and immediately knowing: you were seen, heard, and celebrated every step of the way.

Partners in the process


Not just any wedding. Your wedding.

If you’re seeking an award-winning team who understands how to transform your story into an emotive event that exudes your energy—you’ve officially found your party people.