The Nightingale Weddings & Events story is a beautiful tale to unravel. When launching in 2012, Lisa wanted the business to embody who she is as a person and what she stands for in life, opting to use her maiden name as the namesake for the business. Lisa is in fact related to Florence Nightingale, and has always known her calling lies in helping people. Working with couples on what is often one of the most important days of their life and giving them a wedding that is one they will cherish forever, is at the heart of Lisa’s work. It’s why she does what she does, and helping others really is what she does best. 

We see our team as a family and over the years, we have curated an extensive network of the area’s most inspiring, creative and talented vendors, as well as jaw-droppingly beautiful wedding venues. Nightingale Weddings & Events offer an exclusive experience for each and every client, taking on a limited number of bookings per year. We bring you passion, commitment and a service that is hard to find elsewhere. 

Elegant in every single way. Exceptional service in every step. 

Our Story

To Bee or not to Bee? 

There are some people in life who play a huge part in someone’s life – they influence, they inspire, they have an impact. And for Lisa, her grandmother was that person. Her grandmother had the rare ability to wear her heart on her sleeve, without sugar-coating anything, an approach that Lisa embraces as part of her daily life. 

Her grandmother had designed two chairs with the most beautiful golden bee fabric, which had been in her home for as long as Lisa could remember. Lisa asked her grandfather if she could have the chairs when she moved into her own place – her grandmother had passed away eight years earlier and she wanted to keep a part of her close. Each time that Lisa moved to a new house, the chairs moved with her too, and they were even moved into her first office.

On Lisa’s wedding day, a bee pin from her grandmother’s jewelry collection was gifted to her by her mother. It’s a piece that she always keeps close by her side. When Lisa arrives on the day of a wedding or event, she takes a step back, soaks up the moment and takes a breath before the wonderful chaos begins. She always feels her grandmother by her side.
The bee has been so meaningful to Lisa, she knew she wanted to include it within her business. The bee symbolizes many different things, including community, brightness, personal power and, of course, celebration – the perfect choice for Nightingale Weddings and Events. We appreciate the talent and creativity of the industry that we work in, which is why our team embraces and supports our community of wedding vendors. We aim to fill the planning process with sunshine and happiness, so that it’s one our couples remember forever.