In 2011 when Nightingale Events began that was a question I asked myself. I wanted a personal touch that embodied the person I have been all my life. So I turned to my roots and chose to make my maiden name, Nightingale, the namesake of my business.

Fun fact, I'm related to Florence Nightingale! While she had a stronger stomach for medical emergencies than I do, I have always known my calling was helping people. Helping people on one of the biggest days of their life is the way I can best give back. 

What is in a name? 

Growing up my grandmother was a huge part of my life. Being with her meant knowing that she had the biggest heart but didn't sugar coat anything. I feel I take after her in that regard.

There were two chairs, designed by her, in her home with gorgeous gold bee fabric. When I moved out at 18, I asked my grandfather if I could have the chairs. My grandmother had passed 8 years earlier and I wanted to keep a part of her close. Each time I moved the chairs were there by my side and when I built my first office the chairs came too. On my wedding day, a bee from my grandmother's jewelry collection was gifted to me by my mother, which I also keep close. On the day of an event, when I arrive, I take a moment to breathe before the craziness begins and I always feel her with me. 

To Bee or not to Bee? 

Knowing that the bee meant something particularly special to me, I wanted to know what it meant to everyone else. The bee symbolizes many things including community, brightness, personal power, and celebration! I believe everything happens for a reason and this confirmed for me that the bee was the right choice for Nightingale Events.

Here at Nightingale Events we are passionate about creating a community of wedding vendors. We support each other and help them grow their business! I try to bring brightness to the planning process and my goal is always to be fun, positive, and the brightness in the dark moments. 

From Grammy and myself, a reminder.. you have the personal power to create your future and I encourage you to use that power to reach your goals. 

 Grace and Gold Showit Template | Customized by socially savvy studio
 Photography By SIMPLY K STUDIOS.