We’ll take care of all of the finer details so you can swap that stress for celebration. 

When you need a multi-hat-wearing team  to plan your wedding and save you from all the stress.  

That’s what the wedding-planning process should feel like! Even if you worry you don’t have a creative bone in your body or have no clue how to put the million-and-one pieces together, we’ve got you. We’ll take whatever vision you have (big or small) and turn it into a beautiful, breathtaking experience for you and your guests. We’ll also keep a close on all the small details so that you can sit back and enjoy the big picture. 

We opened the doors to Nightingale Wedding and Events back in 2012 and have been happily serving couples in Connecticut, New England, and surrounding areas ever since. Fun fact: Our founder, Lisa, named the business after her maiden name, Nightingale. Another fun fact: She’s related to Florence Nightingale, which is fitting since she’s always felt a calling to help people. Like the fun-loving straight shooter that she is, Lisa will do whatever it takes to make your day go off without a hitch. 

Hands down, it’s our client service. We don’t just have one person dedicated to your event, but a whole team of passionate wedding experts catering to you and your needs. This goes for leading up to your big day as well as on it. We want you and your guests to feel completely taken care of at all times. Most of all, we’ll plan everything around your unique vision, because one-size-fits-all weddings just aren’t a thing around here. 

Easy and enjoyable … 

A bit about us … 

What sets us apart? Glad you asked! 

You may have noticed the bee illustration in our logo, which has a story all its own. It’s a tribute to Lisa’s grandmother – the woman who impacted and inspired her in so many ways. She had the rare ability to wear her heart on her sleeve, without sugar-coating anything, and that’s an approach that Lisa embraces every day. 

Lisa’s grandmother designed two chairs with the most beautiful golden bee fabric, which were in her home for as long as Lisa could remember. When her grandmother passed away, Lisa asked her grandfather if she could have the chairs as a way of keeping her grandmother close to her. Since then, those chairs have followed Lisa’s every move, including into her first custom-built office. 

On Lisa’s wedding day, her mother gifted her a bee pin from her grandmother’s jewelry collection. It’s a piece that she always keeps close by her side. When Lisa arrives on the day of a wedding or event, she takes a step back, soaks up the moment, and takes a breath before the wonderful chaos begins. She always feels her grandmother near her.

Today, the bee in the Nightingale logo symbolizes many different things, including community, brightness, personal power and, of course, celebration. We’re big believers in celebrating the creative community at large, as well as the amazing couples we serve. We’re so grateful to be in this business, doing what we love for people who deserve all the happiness in the world. 

What’s with the bee?

It started with a set of chairs … 

The gift that keeps on giving