From a demanding job to a vibrant social life—you’re confident and capable in nearly anything you take on. But wedding planning is an entirely different story—and not one you’re willing to write on your own. From having no idea where to start—to worrying you’ll miss something major along the way—the woes and worries of planning a wedding are real. We get it.

We’re here to step in, step up, and shoulder the stress—so you can go back to being bathed in that rare brand of bliss that comes from getting to marry your person.

You have serious vision


The bee in our logo isn’t just an aesthetic choice—since our founding in 2012, it’s been the symbol that informs and inspires the way we serve you and yours.

Our founder’s grandmother—the wildly creative matriarch the Nightingale brand was built on—long ago designed two beautiful chairs upholstered in a golden bee fabric, which you’ll still find sitting pretty in Lisa’s home today. And then there’s the bee pin—a gift Lisa’s mom gave her from her grandmother’s jewelry collection right before she walked down the aisle.
Lisa always keeps the pin close by her side as a reminder of what this work is all about: legacy. 

Here, our wedding planners are firm believers that our role isn’t just to plan pretty parties—but rather to celebrate, honor, and preserve family legacies and epic love stories. Like our founder’s grandmother,

we are all about empowering others through the avenue of enduring artistry. And like the beloved bee, we are all about searching for and treasuring life’s sweetest moments.

Life is full of nectar


On any given day in my childhood, you could find me clipping photos of wedding dresses (though there’s no need to revisit the shoulder-padded styles I was clipping in the 80’s). I began working in hospitality at just 16 years old—and I always loved how the industry allowed me to lean into my innate desire to help others.

Fast-forward to meeting my husband (while walking down the aisle together as a bridesmaid and groomsman no less)—and I fell in love all over again with the notion of love stories. I went on to found Nightingale Events in 2012, bringing with me my lifelong desire to be of service to others and every ounce of hospitality experience I gained over the previous decade.

While Nightingale has since collected a number of awards and features to its name, nothing is quite as gratifying as getting to be a positive force during such a monumental period in your life. I’m a total cheerleader when you need a pep talk, a voice of calm amongst the chaos, and that one wedding planner who will turn into a lifelong friend (I can’t help it—I love people).

When I’m not encouraging my couples to laugh—or turning crazy logistical puzzles into cohesive event experiences—you can find me raising funds for breast-cancer research, refueling with burrata and beach days…or obsessing over my wild nieces and nephews, curled up with my sweet pit-bull (Ruxin James), or cruising with my husband in one of our muscle cars.

Meet Lisa


xoxo Lisa

Xandi is our newest “behind the scenes” Nightin-gal! After working with the Nightingale team twice, for her wedding ceremony in 2020 and reception in 2021, Xandi decided she needed to be part of the team!

Xandi has an inherent talent for organization and planning, and will use these skills to support the Nightingale team and their clients. From reaching out to vendors to find one that is the right fit for a client, to keeping the Nightingale blog up-to-date with the latest wedding trends, she looks forward to helping the team in any way needed.

In her free time, Xandi loves to travel all over New England with her husband and dog! She also enjoys playing board games, watching rom-com movies (Hitch is her favorite!), and drinking iced coffees year round.



xoxo Xandi

Ashley joined the Nightingale team in 2022 after her passion for planning led her to become a certified wedding and event planner. Her passing and certification has allowed her to quickly become an expert at researching vendors and venues to create plans that are unique and suitable for our clients. Additionally, Ashley’s background in teaching provides her the organizational and creative skills that are beneficial in helping couples to plan and create the wedding of their dreams.

Ashley’s favorite part of working with couples is building those close relationships. She really focuses on figuring out how best to portray a clients’ style and story to make their special day unique and tailored to them! Ashley thrives at being “behind the scenes” and taking care of all those final details, allowing couples to have a seamless and enjoyable wedding experience. In fact, Ashley won Nightingale’s 2022 Associate of the Year! This award showcases not only her strengths as a team member, but also her understanding of what it takes to make our couples feel stress-free on their wedding day.

On her days off, Ashley enjoys taking CrossFit classes, working on her cooking skills, and spending time traveling and exploring different parts of the world with her husband. She is also a home DIY and craft expert!



xoxo Ashley

With over 11 years of experience, Tanya has worked across a diverse spectrum of events, from the elegance of weddings to orchestrating non-profit events for hundreds of guests. Her background in the event industry, working at a premier Connecticut based caterer, a popular winery wedding venue to name a few, makes her the perfect asset to the team, and allows her to seamlessly connect with wedding day vendors. In 2021, Tanya joined Nightingale as a day-of associate, supporting our lead planners, and now rejoins the team as a Wedding Coordinator and is ready to craft unforgettable experiences for her clients!

Tanya loves the journey of wedding planning! From connecting with her clients and building those connections, to conducting all of the logistics on wedding day with her cool and calm demeanor. It creates the perfect PAR-TAY that reflects her clients ultimate vision. Tanya’s positive and detail-oriented nature ensures that each event is executed with precision!

Outside of the hustle and bustle of event planning, Tanya cherishes the time she spends with her family by exploring CT during fair season and playing dress up with her daughters! She also is an avid reader and loves to go to brunch with her girlfriends and recharge at the spa. Tanya looks forward to meeting you and helping you on your planning journey!



xoxo Tanya

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