Meet The Team

Lisa founded Nightingale Events in 2011 and is the passion behind what we do. She took the love of weddings, family, and being in love and created her legacy by opening Nightingale Events.

When she is working with a couple she prides herself on making a personal connection with them. She brings thoughtful, personal, and caring touches to their day. She loves to have fun with her clients and finds laughter and positivity really help her clients flourish!

She loves handwritten checklists and you can often find her grooving’ to old-school rap and R&B music while creating design boards with dreamy details. If she is not checking off a list or creating custom design details for her clients she loves spending time with her husband and sweet pitbull Ruxin James.  

Meet Lisa
Owner + Principle Planner

dessert a day is a must!


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the times Lisa and her husband have gotten married.


Lisa & her husband Anthony met at a wedding 11 years ago and are celebrating their 10 year anniversary of dating in 2021. Lisa loves to incorporate family traditions into every part of her life. She had a strong connection with her grandmother, Nightingale's logo-sake, and used the diamonds from her grandma's jewelry collection to create her wedding bands. She was even married on the same date as both sets of parents - October 7th. 

She has loved weddings since she was a little girl and it's safe to say that wedding cake may be why she believes that dessert is the only way to end a meal! 

Caity has a long history with Nightingale Events. When she first came to Lisa, she was a new college grad with a degree and little experience.

She had reached out to many for jobs in the industry with little response, but in typical queen bee fashion, Lisa loved Caity‘s enthusiasm and gave her a little advice. Find some experience!

So Caity went out and experienced the wedding industry for eight years; she has worked in rentals, catering, and coordination! And as of 2020 she’s been a full time Nightin-gal!

Meet Caity
Associate Planner + Designer

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Her strong family connection gives her the ability to treat her clients like family. With her couples, she prides herself in doing her best to be an advocate. She can be a professional hype man, she can be the wedding referee, but she’s always going to make sure she gets her couples what they need.When she’s not dreaming up beautiful home weddings or designing table scapes, she coaches lacrosse and loves being active. 

At the end of the day, Caity loves love and she has her own Prince Charming with hubby Doug. They can be found hosting game night, sharing sushi, and loving on their pup Riley. 

Lauren found her way to Nightingale Events like many of our brides do, instagram. She has an event marketing background and wanted to be more involved in weddings and wedding planning. 

Lauren is drawn to wedding planning because she prides herself in getting to know her clients and watching their story come to life. 

Meet Lauren
Associate Planner + Designer

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She thrives on the personal connection that she builds with her couples. She thinks of them as friends and loves helping their vision come together. 

When she’s not designing her couples love stories, she can be found making beautiful signage for weddings and events as a calligrapher.

Her and her husband John are usually traveling, finding a new place to have good pizza, or making their home more home-y.

Rachel started with Nightingale Events in 2019 and is now the lead planner for our Wedding Management couples! 

She believes in magic and that everything happens for a reason, which is a strong value at Nightingale Events. 

Rachel has become the writer of our couple’s love stories, the “Groom’s Gal”, and our behind-the-scenes Nightin-gal. She uses her love of writing and her vast knowledge of romance novels to make being a “hopeless romantic” her full time job! 

Meet Rachel
Wedding Coordinator

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the number of times a week I ask my wife if we can get married again. 


the times that I have watched The Devil Wears Prada .. because "You know me. Give me a full ballerina skirt and a hint of saloon and I’m on board!”


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Rachel likes to be there in the quiet moments of the big day to remind her couples that love is in the air. One of her favorite questions to ask the day of the wedding, when she can see the nerves, “why do you love your fiance?” Seeing the light in someone’s eyes and watching the nerves melt away is her favorite part. 

When Rachel isn’t swooning over her couples love, she likes snuggling up at home with her wife Amy.

She is a homebody at heart but knows how to host a party so you can find her doing projects around their historical home, baking, and trying to find the perfect candle scent for guests to enjoy.