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If you follow us on social media then you have seen your fair share of, ‘Hi, I am Lisa’. Now that 2018 is in full swing I wanted to re-introduce myself here on the blog. I am Lisa DiBenedetto, the owner and creative director of Nightingale Events.

I started my business over 5 ½ years ago with no idea where it would go. I have had an obsession with bridal fashion and all things weddings and events since childhood. In fact early on my family thought I might go on to become a wedding dress or fashion designer. One of my favorite past times was to take scraps of fabric and old clothes from my mom and transform them into my very on dress creations. Of course, my designs needed to be worn to a party. Soon I had a tablescape set for my own imaginary dinner party complete with over the top details and play toys. 

Growing up I was surrounded by art, music and my parents and grandmother Ruth really pushed us to explore our creative side. I was fortunate to have the ability to travel with my family and my fondest memory is when we went to Italy when I was 15 while my sister was studying abroad. I danced in the streets of Florence, took a gondola ride in Venice and visited Rome. I was immediately drawn to the history, culture and beauty of Italy. What really stuck with me was the undeniable romance that flourished in the Italian culture. My parents and the love they have for each other (they have been married for almost 40 years) along with this trip created the hopeless romantic and creative person you see today.

I think it’s important to understand that I am not just a wedding and event planner but also a creative. I see the planning process of a wedding or event as my art. I get over joyed when I send a quote and I get to hear all about the vision for a wedding or event. I am immediately excited to start the planning process as soon as I hear about the details and inspiration. 

As a person and a business owner I am constantly working and pushing myself to be better, think better and do better. Being your own boss is hard! The internal struggle of questioning your ability, comparing and working towards the future can be daunting. I keep moving and make things happen despite that negative voice because of my love for what I do.

I surround myself with a strong “tribe” as we like to call it of women entrepreneurs and together we create magic and support to one another during those times were stressed or questioning our abilities.  We also enjoy getting together to celebrate accomplishments, help to create new opportunities for each other and eat amazing food while planning our attack on the world!

I believe everything happens for a reason, the good the bad and the ugly.  I am obsessed with handwritten to do lists, afternoon naps and having my music turned up as high as it will go in the car.   I love to make my friends laugh so you’ll most certainly hear me telling a cheesy joke if your with me more than 15 minutes.

2018 has been set as the year for growth for me (personally and professionally)and you only live once and I think it’s so important to continue to grow and to push ourselves.  Here a few goals I am ready to share for 2018:

  1. Take a vacation..no but really, a real vacation!  I will put down the laptop and truly be in the moment. Don’t worry I will have one of the lovely ladies on my team managing everything while I am gone but, I am going!
  2. I will do more full planning weddings. I really love working with my couples to create and want to be more hands on from start to finish.  We have two different planning packages, a Full Planning + Design or Full Planning + Coordination.  Both are great options and I would LOVE to tell you about them.
  3. I will be present. What does that mean?  Well when I am out adventuring or just with family and friends I am putting my phone down.  That means I will need to purchase a camera to document what I am doing but, I am putting the phone down…If you are a family member of mine (Colleen, Val or Mom) I know your about to pop the champagne!
  4. I am going to start sketching again. I haven’t done it since I was a kid but it is something I am dying to revisit again. I am going to start by sketching wedding dress designs with the goal that one day I would love to create my own line.

2018 can be anything you want it to be and so I am fully believing that for myself too!

Xoxo Lisa


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Created by potrace 1.15, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2017


Created by potrace 1.15, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2017

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